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2017 UA Data User Meeting Presentations

Data 101

  • Designed for new users
  • Subsets of our best variables
  • Tailored for popular research topics

2017 UA Data Users Meeting Presentations

Union Army Veterans All Grown Up - overview of the Early Indicators Project

Union Army Veterans Avoiding Bias

Introduction to Data and Documentation

Union Army - Disease

Union Army - Census

Union Army - Military

Using the Union Army Data

Union Army Cleaning

Data 101: Designed for New Users

The Early Indicators project constructs life histories of a sample of Civil War recruits through the use of more than 15,000 variables on each recruit. Data 101 provides a subset of the best and most user friendly variables for popular research topics.

Each Data 101 guide is accompanied by Stata and Excel files for each EI population sample accompanied by documentation. Visit the Sample Overview page to learn about the different EI population samples.

Have a suggestion for a Data 101 topic? Can our documentation or data files be improved? Contact our Data 101 team with suggestions to improve Data 101!

The Basics 101

Migration 101

Military 101

Pension 101

Socioeconomic 101

Expanded U.S. Colored Troops

Military Records

Military Service Record Collection

Pension File Collection

Surgeons Certificate and Disease