Understand trends in aging, health, and retirement through historical analysis
23rd OH Vol. INF Color Guard; Courtesy of the Ohio Historical Society

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A New Intergenerational Processes and Aging Data Set


VCC Family
  • One-of-a-kind multigenerational data set
  • Meticulously hand linked census using military and vital records
  • Death Dates and Causes
  • Families connected across time
  • Large sample size
  • High link rates -- including both soldiers’ sons and married daughters
  • Data about Women! Spouses and daughters living outside the veteran’s household

Three Separate Samples:

  • Andersonville Brothers – Veterans held in Andersonville prison and their non-POW brothers
  • Prisoner of War – White Union Army veterans who were POWs
  • Non-POW white – White Union Army veterans who were never POWs


  • Intergenerational Processes and Aging data set of approximately 4,500 African-Americans

  • The Oldest Oldsample consisting of over 1,500 veterans who survived to age 95 or older


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